Grace Mickle, CA AMFT#138499

Grace Mickle

I am a practicing Associate Marriage Family Therapist offering a holistic, multicultural and mindful approach. I attended John F. Kennedy School of Psychology at National University to receive a Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Holistic Studies. I have experience providing individual and group mental health and crisis care to those in severe need, working with children, teens and families in difficult situations, assisting active duty military adults and couples, and working with individuals and couples of BIPOC and LGBTQIA populations and various dietary lifestyles and various religious and ethnic backgrounds. 

I am tender, integrative, grounded and nurturing. I genuinely like to face challenges at face value and assist others in finding growth from their experiences. Using Trauma Informed Care, I practice mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy to encompass healing the mind, body and soul of suffering and addictions.

I use our first session to understand your perspectives and desired goals or outcomes in this life. From there, we work collaboratively to explore how we can gently journey within your mind, body and soul to bring you back to neutral or an elevated state. I focus on guiding you back to your authentic being.


At Meditative Minds Counseling, we believe in promoting emotional well-being and healing through a holistic approach to mental health.